Windbooster Throttle Controller Review

throttle controller review

As is known to all, Windbooster throttle controller is designed to improve throttle response and for better driveability, to show the effect of Windbooster throttle controller, one foreign friend visited Windbooster and did the throttle controller review, the full video review introduces the Windbooster throttle controller functions detailedly and demonstrates its great power.

“How often do you feel that your car does not respond to your command ?”

”How often do you have to turn off the A/C in order to cross quickly a road with traffic?”

”How often do you feel that your car does not respond when going uphill?”

If you are tired of long response time and a slow acceleration rate with your drive-by-wire car, then there is a solution for you. It can noticeably improve the rate of acceleration, and response time of many cars with electronic throttle control, making them feel significantly less sluggish.

Windbooster throttle response enhancer will be exactly what your drive-by-wire car needs to get itself into the fast lane.

Windbooster throttle controller can increase the throttle sensitivity, accelerate the starting speed, enhance the instantaneous speed performance, meanwhile, it will effectively avoid the engine carbon deposition, stabilize the rotating speed.

This time, our foreign friend came to visit Windbooster, below is the Windbooster throttle controller review he did, let’s see how he review Windbooster throttle controller!


Well, after watching the throttle controller review, do you feel the great power and multi-function of windbooster electronic throttle controller? Then, What are you hesitating about? Take action now! Choose one throttle controller for your car, experience faster response from your engine now!


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