Windbooster Attends the China Auto Salon Shanghai Tuning Exhibition

China Auto Salon14

The annual Shanghai CAS China Auto Salon Tuning Exhibition has concluded, due to the time problem I didn’t introduce the situation in the exhibition, so today we will make up this course, talk about some interesting things seeing in the exhibition.

Shanghai CAS China Auto Salon Tuning Exhibition

First, here is a gate picture for you, China Auto Salon, CAS for short, emerged under the development demand of China automotive aftermarket tuning industry, is a professional auto show built adhering to the concept of professionalization, innovation, branding and internationalization.

China Auto Salon1

Windbooster Electric Supercar TITAN

The TITAN supercar which Windbooster strived to build was at the appointed place on time.

The appearance design of Windbooster electric supercar reflects the performance-oriented value, with excellent performance, TITAN only takes 3.9s from 0 to 100km/h sprint, and has more than 18650 lithium battery, the battery life reaches up to 400 kilometres, the slender and sharp headlamp is sparkling, the silvery car body is very fashionable, the line is streamlined, the appearance adopts super lightweight carbon fiber, titanium alloy frame, meanwhile, there are two big noses in the front air intake grill, which makes TITAN much more spectacular.

China Auto Salon2

Windbooster Products Display

(3D wheel hub cover, external computer and electronic throttle accelerator)

China Auto Salon3

Windbooster Electromechanical Turbo

China Auto Salon4

Windbooster Racing Gauge

China Auto Salon5

Read the parameters accurately, change the color by touching with the finger, support multi-gauge connected in series to use.

China Auto Salon6

Windbooster EV-Kart

Charging for 15 minutes, drive for 15 minutes, with hydraulic brake disc system, 4130 chrome molybdenum steel frame and HDPE crash barrier, daytime driving and braking caution light, forced air-cooling and effective BMS management system.

China Auto Salon7

China Auto Salon8

China Auto Salon9

Parameter Explaining

Clear at a glance

China Auto Salon10

Beautiful Car Models

China Auto Salon11

The group photos of beautiful models and Windbooster supercar

China Auto Salon12

China Auto Salon exhibition, spectacle scene

China Auto Salon14

China Auto Salon13


China Auto Salon15

The limited edition, only this one in the world

China Auto Salon16


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