Why Should You Add an ETC Throttle Controller?

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This article mainly talks about existing defects of the current car electronic throttle control and the corresponding solutions, that is the born of the etc throttle controller, which perfectly solves the signal delay of electronic throttle valve, and this article also explains the working principle and installation method of Windbooster throttle controller, hope can give you some help.

The Defect of Electronic Throttle Control

Modern cars are constantly evolving, mostly due to advancements in electronics. Since the 21st century, the majority of cars have used ECM to replace the regular cable accelerator. One such new system is electronic throttle control, commonly known as drive-by-wire.

However, the drive-by-wire system has its limitation. ECM controls the electronic signal to give instructions by identifying the depth of the accelerator pedal, and make the engine provide the matched power. ETC, also called electronic driver, unfortunately, the signal delay of electronic throttle valve will impede the normal acceleration of vehicles, under some circumstances, such as going uphill, there will be strong setback, even cause the vehicle’s sudden leap.

The Function of the Etc Throttle Controller

As car enthusiasts, we all appreciate the need for speed and thrill of pushing our cars to newer limits, to solve the problem, a new system has been developed to override the factory electronic throttle control settings and eliminate noticeable time delays, that is etc throttle controller, it will eliminate cables between gas pedals and throttle bodies, make driving a car easier and safer!

Why Choose Windbooster throttle controller

And we are glad you found us, our mission is to improve throttle response and provide a richer driving pleasure for all of the car enthusiasts, Windbooster throttle controllers will help you adjust throttle application for better driveability and take your ride to a higher level.

Choose one throttle controller here, eliminate throttle lag now!

Throttle Controller Working Principle

Herewith, the principle of throttle controller:

The so-called acceleration of throttle controller is mainly achieved by improving the throttle sensitivity, amplify 50% of the inputted throttle signal, the previous ration 1 : 1 is adjusted to 1 : 1.x, x is the amplification coefficient of the signal.

Throttle Controller Installation

It is also simple and convenient to install, if you aren’t clear on the installation procedure, please refer to this page about how to install throttle controller.


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