Throttle Controller Mazda, Experience the Fast and the Furious

throttle controller mazda

Some people may doubt the effect of throttle controller, holding the view that he can accelerate by pressing the accelerator harder, but it is not true. Normally, there will be obvious sluggishness for half-second by pressing the accelerator harder, but with the small device throttle controller, the power will be improved quickly when you just step on the gas pedal gently. This article will answer your confusion through an example of Mazda and the throttle controller Mazda.

Mazda6, with simple and ordinary appearance, seeing from the front face carefully, it’s still very cool!

throttle controller mazda2

We can feel the heart of the designer from the big front face, the honeycomb grill adds a sense of movement to the car.

Mazda6 canceled the rubbing strip in the side, the front face is lined with LED headlight, full of personality.

The body dimension of mid-size Mazda6 is being surpassed by today’s popular sport sedan, statistically speaking, there is no advantage to Mazda6.

The side shape is vivid and dynamic!

throttle controller mazda3

Economic wheel hub, not stylish but practical.

throttle controller mazda4

The tail lamp is the same with headlamp, the lamps are in one line, the long prominent tail also hinted that there is wide space in the trunk.

The tail is decorated with silver brushed metal, which makes the shape richer.

throttle controller mazda5

The center console is covered with black, interior trimming is mainly light gray, black and gray, plain and simple!

throttle controller mazda6

As to the steering wheel, the symbol of Mazda logo is located in the middle, good handle, although the material is not leather wrapped, its anti-slip performance is good.

throttle controller mazda7

The old Mazda6 has no today’s popular display screen, air vent is on the top of the console, this has always been the design style of Mazda.

throttle controller mazda8

The throttle controller Mazda is Windbooster best throttle controller 9 mode 3s, 3s adds the comparison diagram on the interface between the vehicle factory throttle response and throttle response value of the current 3s driving mode, by imitating the form of dashboard, the throttle response amplitude variations can be clearly seen, which is of stronger sensory stimulation.

throttle controller mazda9

Some people may doubt the effect of throttle controller, holding the view that he can accelerate by pressing the accelerator harder. Actually, that’s not the case, according to the author’s years of experience, there will be obvious sluggishness for half-second, and then it will speed up gradually.

Switch between Chinese and English freely, for each mode, there are 0-9 sections for adjustment.

So for example, if divide the accelerator into 10 intervals, the vehicle’s instant speed will emerge till you press 4-5 sections for the original throttle, but with electronic throttle controller, you can achieve the effect of 4 or 5 sections by only pressing 2 sections!

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