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Compared to the WINDBOOSTER Electronic Throttle Accelerator, what are the improvements of WINDBOOSTER Throttle Controller? Especially in power.

First of all, WINDBOOSTER throttle controller has multiple driving modes including sport mode, normal mode, econ mode and so on, and both sport mode and econ mode have 10 sections of adjustment. While there are only two kinds of acceleration state to adjust for WINDBOOSTER electronic throttle accelerator: full acceleration and half acceleration.

Secondly, it is feasible for you to easily switch modes and levels in driving process with WINDBOOSTER throttle controller, while for WINDBOOSTER electronic throttle accelerator, you need to adjust after parking.

Thirdly, the speed-up effect of WINDBOOSTER throttle controller in the highest level of sport mode is stronger than that of WINDBOOSTER electronic throttle accelerator in full acceleration state.

Whether automatic car can only be set in automatic mode?

No, when automatic car is set in manual mode, the speed-up effect will be better, but it will also be more difficult to shift gear. Therefore, setting automatic mode for automatic car will be easier for you to shift gear, meanwhile, more comfortable and fuel-efficient.

Can throttle controller and electronic throttle accelerator be installed together? Will the effect be better with the two installed together? Whether they can be used simultaneously?

As the function of WINDBOOSTER throttle controller is stronger than that of WINDBOOSTER electronic throttle accelerator, there is no need to use them at the same time. If you wish to adjust the vehicle performance more precisely at any time, than WINDBOOSTER throttle controller would be more suitable to install, if you just need to improve the vehicle performance and less adjustment, WINDBOOSTER electronic throttle accelerator is enough.

Whether I still need to modify other aspects after installing WINDBOOSTER throttle controller?

No, the improvement WINDBOOSTER throttle controller made to vehicle performance doesn’t exceed the limit of the original design, so there is no need for extra modification.

Is the effect of refreshing ECU better than that of no refreshing after installing WINDBOOSTER throttle controller?

Yes, whether you refresh the ECU program or not, the performance of installing WINDBOOSTER throttle controller will be improved.

Is there any harmful effect after installing WINDBOOSTER throttle controller?

WINDBOOSTER throttle controller doesn’t alter the vehicle oil line and circuit, so it won’t have impact on the vehicle. Instead, because of the high sensitivity of throttle, it will effectively avoid the engine carbon deposition, stabilize the rotating speed, make the engine respond quickly.

Will the WINDBOOSTER throttle controller be useful to the car without any modification?

WINDBOOSTER throttle controller can obviously improve the throttle sensitivity, it will be effective as long as the car is with electronic throttle.

As a universal part, how does WINDBOOSTER make sure that it will not affect the normal operation of TCS which is under the control of eletronic throttle?

The principle of TCS is not to detect the depth of throttle, but identify the vehicle slipping when detecting the difference of wheel speed, then close the throttle to control the output power, it has no direct relationship to the accelerator pedal.

My car is electronic throttle, if I have already modified the computer, is it still necessary to install the throttle controller? Will it still have effect?

Yes, throttle controller doesn’t involve any oil line and circuit, it is invisible to the original car, so the effect will be the same whether you modified the computer or not.

The throttle sensitivity can be increased, when in instantaneous acceleration, will the rotating speed decrease accordingly compared with before installation?

The rotating speed increases faster in instantaneous acceleration, the corresponding rotating speed will not change at the same speed.

Can it be turned off at any time?

You can turn on or off at any time before the ignition, but can’t set after starting ignition, mainly for security.

Will WINDBOOSTER throttle controller have an impact on the trip computer?

No, as it doesn’t alter any vehicle oil line and circuit

What effect will long-term use of WINDBOOSTER throttle controller have on the engine?

Long-term use of WINDBOOSTER throttle controller can avoid the engine carbon deposition, stabilize the rotating speed, make the engine respond quickly.

Will the installation of WINDBOOSTER throttle controller increase the fuel consumption?

Both normal mode and econ will not increase fuel consumption, sport mode P1 and P2 increases fuel consumption within 5%-10%.

Which mode of WINDBOOSTER throttle controller is better?

This depends on individual preference, sport mode will bring obvious speed response, suitable for riders who pursue speed; while there isn’t obvious speed response for original car mode, but it can still eliminate throttle lag.

How long is the working life of WINDBOOSTER throttle controller?

WINDBOOSTER throttle controllers have a working lifespan of more than 20 years, far exceeds the lifetime of vehicles

Why need to distinguish between manual mode and automatic mode?

Automatic transmission mode is to avoid the frequent downshifting of automatic car, so the driver can control the downshift according to the manipulation rule of uninstalling the WINDBOOSTER throttle controller; and manual car can get the best speed-up effect in manual mode.

What’s the difference between sport mode P1, P2 and P3?

P3 is the fiercest acceleration mode, suitable for ultimate driving; P2 is the perfect overtake weapon, enjoy speed and passion, suitable for racing; P2 increases the throttle sensitivity and reduce lag, suitable for daily driving

Should automatical car use half acceleration?

No, if you like strong speed response, you could use race mode P3.

Is the WINDBOOSTER acceleration effect obvious?

Very obvious. According to our statistics, 90% users have already been very satisfied with the effect of WINDBOOSTER throttle controller in half accelaration state.

What kind of vehicles can WINDBOOSTER be installed in?

WIND BOOSTER is a kind of intelligent modified parts used to solve the electronic throttle lag, suitable for vehicles with electronic throttle.