Driving Experience After I Modify My Car with Electronic Throttle Controller

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The modification in appearance often goes with the distinctive sign expressing oneself, everyone has different aesthetic taste, the modified style of the car will certainly also make a difference, which may not be loved by everyone, for the car modification, it is enough to please yourself. And this article will talk about the driving experience after I modify my car with electronic throttle controller, hope it will be helpful for those who are confused about modifying electronic throttle controller for their car.

These two years, the modification market is filled with various auto parts, we can often see some cars modified with colorful sticker on the road, some cars are even modified with ultra-loud straight line which is uncoordinated with the style of the car, we can even hear the harsh loud noise from a great distance.

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But the modification in appearance often goes with the distinctive sign expressing oneself, everyone has different aesthetic taste, the modified style of the car will, of course, be different, which may not be loved by everyone, but it is enough to please yourself as for the car modification.

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Actually, it is the same with the modification in performance, the modified way such as increasing the air intake, modifying the exhaust and adding the spoiler are all a means to pursue the speed driving experience, today I will talk about the driving experience after I modify my car with electronic throttle controller.

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My car is the old BMW330i, before I modify my car with the electronic throttle controller, there is some setback every time I started the car, the speed-up power is enough to drive in in the expressway although it is not so powerful as other modified cars.

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One day, I experienced my friend’s car which was modified with the throttle controller, when I gently pushed the pedal down, I can obviously feel that it was not the fit that I used to be familiar with, as it suddenly leaped forward, holy cow that the throttle is so sensitive that it startled me the first time when I test the car.

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Then I continued to drive the car, switched to the race mode(what we chose was the Windbooster 9 mode 2s throttle controller), when I pressed on the accelerator harder, the acceleration was only 0.1 second, I definitely feel that the chair back was pushing me forward, quickly I overtook quite a few cars. After the test, I decided to install a throttle controller for my car though I was originally not interested in modification, as I had been addicted to the ultimate speed experience.

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Maybe some people will say this is of little use, I can do it by pressing it hard. But is the situation really so? I don’t think so, as the general original setting of cars will reserve the 20% of throttle opening. That is to say, only by flooring the gas pedal can you enjoy the purest power boost, but with the help of electronic throttle controller, the throttle response will be improved, so the time from pushing the pedal down to the tyre giving power will be shorten, and the power will be boosted in advance. Therefore, the same models equipped with the same fit, the instantaneous acceleration of the one installed with electronic throttle controller will be increased by 20% than that of the one uninstalled with throttle controller.

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Speaking of the attitude towards to modification, indeed, some people may not be interested in throttle controller, think that it isn’t particularly helpful, but as for me, after I install Windbooster 9 Mode 2S throttle controller, I can experience in advance the acceleration effect brought by increasing throttle response, this feeling is really exciting.

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Actually, it is not very helpful by pressing the pedal hard, frankly speaking, sometimes you couldn’t experience the driving feeling of instantaneous acceleration even you press the pedal to its limit.

My intention is not to say good words for throttle controller, it all depends on one’s driving feeling and mentality whether you want to modify or not, or whether it is suitable for modifying.

The last thing I would say is that the fuel consumption of driving on the expressway after I modify my car with the throttle controller is much less than that before modification.


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