Even Bugatti Veyron is Outdone by the Modified Mercedes GL400, Owing to the Throttle Controller

modified mercedes

Mercedes-Benz, the world-famous German automobile brand, renowned for its high-quality, high-performance automobile product, every time when there is new car revealed, it would draw numerous envy looks! But in the world, there is no perfect car, every car can be modified, and Mercedes is no exception, this time after tuning Mercedes GL400, even Bugatti Veyron is outdone by the modified Mercedes GL400, that’s just because of the tool —– electronic throttle controller. Let’s see the details together!

Mercedes GL400, large-scale SUV, with wild appearance and wide space, 3.0T engine, full time 4WD, air suspension, panoramic sunroof!

modified mercedes2

Mercedes GL400 has a very large size, you will feel the heavy car body when you start, but after the start, the engine drives the car body, it is relatively easy!

The brown appearance appears to be gentleman-like, there is strength in the soft lines, seen from the surface, the SUV vehicle model also carries with some elements of off-road vehicles.

The wheel hub of Mercedes GL400!

modified mercedes3

The rear seat can easily carry 3 or 4 people, the seat height and distance from the front make people feel comfortable, compared to the other car’s seat, the seat height and gradient of Mercedes GL400 make people relax!

modified mercedes4

The interior is graceful and decent, the steering wheel is a little heavy, but has no effect on the operation, the screen on the center dash console is clear, operating system is convenient, compared with the common button switch and operation, the operation of off-road electronic equipment will be more flexible and convenient!

modified mercedes5

Why is electronic throttle controller so popular? Why should you add an etc throttle controller? electronic throttle controller improves engine response performance by collecting the throttle sensor signal and then transfers to the computer! After installing the electronic throttle controller, when you press or release the accelerator pedal 1/3 depth quickly, you can obviously feel the acceleration and deceleration, the effect almost equals to the situation when you press the accelerator to the end or fully release the accelerator!

modified mercedes6

For this modified Mercedes GL400, the car owner used the 3s intelligent driving controller which has appeared many times in the previous car tuning case. For mode selection, the sports mode, original car mode or intelligent mode are recommended in urban roads, and when you drive in the suburb, you may switch to race mode, enjoy speed and passion!

modified mercedes7

With electronic throttle controller, you can easily accelerate to start, away from the start delay, overtake other cars from the start, meanwhile, away from the worry of being overtaken!

modified mercedes8

Different modes to switch!

modified mercedes9

modified mercedes10

The worker is debugging, we can clearly see the pedal with Mercedes-Benz sign! The aristocratic style is reflected in the details!

modified mercedes11

modified mercedes12

Modified Mercedes GL400, you’re worth it!


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