Adding This Tool for Mercedes c200 Tuning, Be The Forever Leading Role

mercedes c200 tuning1

Mercedes c200, I was satisfied with the elegant look when purchasing, now it has been several months since I picked it up, so here I will talk about the appearance, configuration, the original driving feel and the driving feel after the Mercedes c200 tuning, hoping that one of these ideas will work for you!

With fashionable and youthful appearance, the silvery chrome plating strip of the front face mutually complements with the white car body, which appears elegant and dynamic!

mercedes c200 tuning2

Mercedes c200, starts fast, but the pushing power in the middle and late part is not very good, not so powerful as 2.0T, slightly lacking in staying power. It leans sideways obviously when turning the corner, feel not as flexible as the 3 series with the same rear drive and is250.

The rearview mirror case is covered with black strip, extremely dynamic and full of motion! The LED headlight is better than that of Jaguar XE, the LED light source with high brightness, and there is almost no delay when lightening it.

mercedes c200 tuning3

The tailstock is common, no something special, there is little difference between the tailstock shape of Mercedes c200 and that of the higher end version, to strive to be different, I added the black tail fin, mainly wants to increase the stability of high-speed driving.

mercedes c200 tuning4

mercedes c200 tuning5

The car body of Mercedes c200 all adopts the silvery chrome plating strip to decorate, appears lively fashion, the side looks slender, sleek and sporty.

mercedes c200 tuning6

In terms of the car interior trim, both the modeling and layout are most retro-themed, the materials and workmanship are great, leather seats, four steering wheel, the dashboard case is cannon shape, ideal for sunray blocking!

mercedes c200 tuning7

For Mercedes c200 tuning, I added a Windbooster 9 mode ultra thin throttle controller, with multi-border color, seems very classy. Different modes to choose, P1/2/3 are all the sports mode with different styles, used to adjust the parameter of engine computer, improve the throttle response speed, turn on the sports mode, the throttle response speed is improved a lot, start faster!

mercedes c200 tuning8

The pictures were taken when installed, the installation time very short, below is the installation steps:

  1. Remove the electronic accelerator plug of the original car, insert the adaptor into the accelerator socket and connect the original accelerator plug to the adaptor
  2. Stick the display on the control panel as you like!

No is the original car mode, one button to return to the car’s original state, but it can still help you get rid of throttle lag problem.

mercedes c200 tuning9

Ec is the fuel-saving mode, used to adjust the parameter of engine computer to slow the throttle response speed and save fuel, when you turn on the Econ mode, the car will return to smooth running, the throttle is also very soft.

mercedes c200 tuning10

After the installation is complete, I take a test drive, it works very well, the start is very fast, and it runs smoothly while driving and shifting gears.

Even in original car mode, the throttle response speed is also very fast, fortunately, the Mercedes c200 tuning is a successful modification!


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