How Electric Throttle Controller Has Evolved Over The Years

electric throttle controller

Over the years, there have been a lot of advancements in the field of automobiles and transportation much beyond the imagination of normal humans. In the past decades, buses and cars worked on full mechanical support. All the systems in the vehicles were mechanically designed. But in the pasts few decades, with the great advancements in the field of electronics, all technologies are being made electronically, the throttle controllers have evolved too, the throttle controllers have been made electronic – electric throttle controller, this has to lead to greater precision and lesser risks of accidents and mishaps, making the vehicles potentially safer to use.

The initial throttle controllers

Initially, the throttle controllers basically worked on full mechanical support. The throttle system consisted of various moving parts and cables. With a large number of components, the chances of wear and tear were greater in leading to higher maintenance costs of vehicles in the long run. In addition to this, the accelerators and brakes in cars and buses were fully dependent on the amount of pressure exerted by the driver, making the system fully manual and more prone to human errors and hence increasing the chances of accidents.

Modern throttle controllers

With great advancements and evolutions in automobiles such as cars and buses, the throttle controllers have evolved too. The throttle controllers have been made electronic. The electric throttle controller consists of an electronic throttle control system. The system consists of a throttle response booster, throttle response enhancer and an electronic accelerator. With this technology, there is no longer any need for cables or complicated mechanical parts. The whole system is controlled by electronic signals and thus is less complicated.


  • The electric throttle controllers have less need for maintenance. Since all the complicated parts are now removed, there are fewer chances of wear and tear. This in addition also saves the maintenance cost and longer life and durability of the vehicle.
  • The electric throttle controllers make driving simpler and much safer too. With this technology, the acceleration and brake system is less prone to a human error by error. In addition, the speed and the precision of directions are also highly increased using this technology.

Newly added features in throttle controllers

Today, there are various kinds of throttle controllers that are being used in the automobile industry to fulfill the requirements of the automobile and provide a much better driving experience.

Lately throttle controllers have been put to a variety of uses in places other than the automobile industry itself. They are being used in the video gaming industry too. With the increasing popularity of console gaming, the youngsters spend a lot of time gaming. Console racing is the most popular form of console gaming that has greatly attracted youngsters. The racing wheel used by youngsters in console racing is an interesting gaming accessory that uses the system of throttle controllers. It has a steering wheel and a system of pedals that provide a realistic experience to the users. The pedal set has an accelerator, brake and clutch that are based on electric throttle controllers.

The electronic throttle controllers greatly enhance the performance as compared to the usual mechanical throttle controllers. In addition, they also provide a smoother and easier experience for the users making it possible for the users to experience hassle-free driving. The electronic throttle controllers even ensure lesser chances of the vehicle going out of control and hence lesser chances of any accidents or mishaps.

CAMMUS sub-brand WINDBOOSTER has developed various kinds of throttle controllers, respectively are 9mode, 2s, 3s, 4s, 7mode, 5C, 5mode, first-generation, etc,  each Windbooster throttle controller model is equipped with different features, different appearance, different acceleration modes, you can learn more about Windbooster throttle controller here.

Here I especially would like to introduce one newly developed throttle controller by CAMMUS, the gesture controller, so what’s special about the gesture controller?

The most striking feature of the gesture controller is that you can easily switch modes by gesture swing, you can just wave your hand above the gesture recognition controller to switch modes or fine-tuning, sounds interesting, right?

More characteristics of the gesture controller waiting for you to discover.

It is very interesting to see how the throttle controllers have evolved over the past few decades rendering the driving experience much safer and easier. Technology has aptly brought us a far way and we expect to see even better in the next few years to come. We hope to see some even greater advancement in the industry!

Car Tuning Examples

Car tuning refers to the modifications in your vehicle for its better performance and appearance. Tuning is nowadays becoming a trend because you can personalize your vehicle according to your needs. Doing this you can get lesser fuel consumption, more power production, better driving, and handling experience. Following are some basic car tuning examples you can attempt for the best performance of your car.

  • Audio – You can modify the regular audio system provided by the manufacturer into something high quality innovative audio system.
  • Engine Tuning – This is the most common type and overall depends on many electrical and mechanical performance of your car.
  • Interior – It includes modifications such as roll cages, reinforces bucker seats, seat harnesses increasing the safety measures.
  • Body Tuning – It includes modifications to improve the appearance of the body of the car such as upgrading body kits or a spoiler.
  • Suspension Tuning – Modifying the shock absorbers, springs and other related things are included in suspension tuning.
  • Tires – Tires have a vital role to play with your vehicle. So, change and modify them timely better and safe performance.
  • Detuning – Detuning means getting back to the factory setup of your car as made by the manufacturer.

Based on people’s experience after doing throttle control for their car, firstly it depends upon one’s driving sense completely. What and how much you want to change. After the throttle controller, people experience much less fuel consumption, advanced acceleration effect due to increased throttle response. Also, acceleration does increase by approx. 20% of the cars with electronic throttle controller installed as compared to those without an electric throttle controller.

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