BMW 3 Series Upgrades with 7 Mode, Power Increased by 60%?

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Today’s article will talk about a brand new BMW 3 series 320li, the BMW 320li is with excellent handling performance, but the power is as the general, so the car owner came to Windbooster for BMW 3 series upgrades, let’s see the changes after the BMW 3 series tuning with Windbooster 7 mode throttle booster!

Which one is better for BMW 3 series, Mercedes C200L, Audi A4L? according to the feedback of most readers, currently Audi A4L wins out, but the author doesn’t agree with that.

Mercedes C200L, the current price is 400,000 RMB, the price is relatively expensive, but the gearbox is less good than that of BMW, and the steering wheel is light, more suitable for ladies to drive; Audi A4L is in the middle, whether the power, interior trimming or fuel economy are all well enough, it is also stable and comfortable to drive, but the later fuel oil is higher than that of Mercedes and BMW; BMW320li is quite fuel-efficient, the configuration is rich, and the manipulation is steady, the only drawback is that its interior trimming is the worst of the three. From the above, the author feels that the BMW 3series is the most cost-efficient.

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Today’s car coming to Windbooster club is a brand new BMW 320li, BMW 3 is the most successful model of BMW, it accounts for more than 40% of BMW sales, is a dark horse in European and American and China markets.

Since the brand new BMW 3 series came into the market in 2013, there is nothing big changes in appearance and interior trimming, in the aspect of power, it changes from natural aspiration to turbocharging, horsepower 184p, torque 270Nm, 100km/h in 7.9s, the maximum speed per hour is 218~250km/h, with excellent handling performance, the power is as the general, it is a little difficult to start, the pushing power is weak when the speed per hour is within 160, and it used a lot of fuel, so the car owner came to Windbooster for BMW 3 series upgrades.

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Choosing the Windbooster 7 mode competitive throttle controller, 7 mode throttle booster has the stronger sports mode, a total of 30 sections for adjustment, every mode can give you different wonderful experience, P3 mode is the fiercest sports mode, it will help your car turn into a racing car in one second.

There are 6 kinds of modes to choose for 7-mode, whether to switch to sports mode or race mode, BMW 320li will start fast, when drive in the city, it completely satisfies the need of strong power, once you step on the gas, there will be pushing power.

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BMW 3 series upgrades with Windbooster 7 Mode throttle booster, you deserve it!


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