A New Chip Tuning Maker Appears in The Market — Meet Windbooster

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Wind booster is a recently born chip tuning maker, whose domestic brand known as Cammus has enjoyed a high reputation across Chinese chiptuning industry for many years, with the aim of creating simple and intelligent vehicle speed-up products to provide a richer driving pleasure, make driving a car easier and safer.

The chip tuning maker – Windbooster has spent an enormous amount of time and effort into developing useful and efficient speed-up products for the masses, with a customers-oriented mindset and strict quality standards to ensure high customer satisfaction.

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About how Windbooster was born, Mr.Hu — Windbooster’s general manager — decided to start his own business due to the love of cars and mastery of the electronic throttle accelerator technology in 2006, and in 2008, he created his first company Cammus dealing with throttle controller in Shenzhen, since founded in 2008, Cammus has been focusing on the R&D of automotive electronics and promotion, particularly in automotive performance and power modification, over the years, Cammus keeps developing and surpassing itself, and has created a series of epoch-making technological achievements, acquired a number of technical patents, professional company image with superior technology have been firmly established.

Cammus throttle controller products win the consistently favourable comments from domestic customers because of the high efficient instant acceleration and oil-saving functions, considering the necessity of automotive power modification, Mr.Hu decided to promote the product to a global market, wish more people can know about it and experience the different driving feel after modifying throttle controller in their car, therefore, Mr.Hu launches a new brand with the Windbooster moniker and began selling internationally.

And now there are already quite a few throttle controller models on sale online, such as Windbooster 9 mode 3s, 9 mode, 7 mode, 9 mode 2s, 9 mode 4s, evc, 5C, 5 mode and touch+.

Here is the Windbooster brand leitmotif:

Creating a full range of high-quality automobile speed-up products based on customer-oriented  to provide a easier and richer driving pleasure.

— Windbooster

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Learn more about the chip tuning maker Windbooster and their products on the Windbooster official website.

You can also get the latest updates on Windbooster social media:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/windbooster/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMGCjTcF9hcjk9GXF_p0BPg

One thought on “A New Chip Tuning Maker Appears in The Market — Meet Windbooster

  1. steve tillinghast says:

    unbelievable! gigantic difference on my 2013 ford fusion. this thing does more than just speed up your throttle. my tranny shifts differently and the 2.0 liter turbo acts like a different animal than before! well worth the investment fun to try all the different settings. Sweet!


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