Windbooster Titan
With its excellent electronic powertrain, Titan has excellent performance.It needs only 3.9s to accelerate form 0 to 100Km/h. Titan is equipped with more than 6000 18650 lithium batteries, up to 400 Km mileage.
Titanium Alloy Frame
Titan adopts independent beam frame structure. Its main body is made of aerial material-titanium alloy, which strengthens its hardness greatly. Titan is with super lightweight body.
Super Lightweight Carbon Fiber Shell
Streamlined design adopts super lightweight carbon fiber, meanwhile, there are two large nostrils in the front air grille, which makes Titan more magnificent.
Push Rod Suspension System
Titan can easily handle forces from vertical, horizontal and lateral directions. It helps to reduce the weight of the upper body, lower the center of gravity and offers its driver a more comfortable driving experience.
Dual Motors
Two 500 Nm Windbooster Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors are distributed to the rear wheels independently, making its power distributed scientifically.
Collision between Technology and Traditions
Titan offers driver a fabulous driving experience. It is equipped with coated carbon fiber racing seat, explosive mechanical push button and push rod suspension system, as well as eye-catching LED dashboard.