Rear adjustable anti-roll bar drop link rods units; Front adjustable anti-roll bar drop link rods units ; Short,Long Adjustable rear control arms; Adjustable rear Toe control arms
For Toyota
Control arm bushings through ball joints or the wheel and the vehicle body are connected together elastically.
1. We adopt 6082 aluminium, all-in-one-shaped, with high hardness. 2. We use metal bushing to connect it with the car. 3.Its length is adjustable.
Control arm
Control arm (also called lower arm) as a guide and power transmission components for automotive suspension systems, various forces acting on the wheel is transmitted to the body, while ensuring that the wheels by a certain trajectory.
Windbooster strengthened Control Arms, can be adopted to enhancing car’s stability and tire’s ability of traction. more convenient to connect and enable the car to be more flexible. Made from anti-corrosion aluminum, longer lifespan and is of high hardness.
Its length and the angle of obliquity are adjustable; Metal Fisheyes bushing is more flexible than plastic bushing; Metal Fisheyes bushing improves suspension stiffness and stability, more flexible while steering wheel and overtaking the corner.
Control arm
Windbooster Fisheyes Control Arm is made of Aluminium, all-in-one-shaped. With high hardness, Control arms will enhance your car’s suspension stiffness and stability. Better anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation ability than the iron-products.