Intelligent Driving
Working Principle
Windbooster Electronic Throttle Response Controller is built to cut response time by completely bypassing a large portion of the traditional electronic throttle control system.It reduces throttle response time and eliminates throttle delays.
Unleash the Real Power
Total 4 modes: A.C(Automatic),Ultimate,EC(Economy)and Normal mode. For A.C mode,it will switch to different modes automatically according to the driver's driving habits. Intelligent driving is more intelligent and human-friendly which offers convenience to our life.
Automatic Mode
Intelligent Driving
It can switch the driving modes according to the driver's driving style. It can adjust the throttle response automatically according to the driving speed. More Intelligent and Human-friendly. Offering an intelligent and comfortable driving style.
Ultimate Mode
Unleash the real power
Decrease throttle response time, and increase vehicles' acceleration speed. Eliminate any throttle delays and enhance instantaneous speed performance. Offer 10 levels(U.0-U.9)of adjustment .
EC Mode
Fuel-saving Mode
EC mode decreases throttle response speed appropriately and saves fuel when driving . It will offer a comfortable driving style and make you obtain the pleasure of the gentle driving .
Normal Mode
Original factory settings
This is the original car mode.In normal mode your vehicle will be returned to its original factory settings.
Small and Porcelain Package
In this Small and Porcelain Package, including an introduction manual,a screen and an connector.